A sit down with Graeme Frislie one of Australia's fastest youth cyclists.


Cycle Central owner Greg Frislie is the Uncle of one of Australia's fastest up and coming cyclists Graeme Frislie. You may have seen recently on our Facebook a post talking about Graeme's most recent acomplishment. Just in case you didn't it went a little something like this.

"Congrats to our nephew, Graeme Frislie, who swept the field this past weekend at the National Junior Track Series which took place in Sydney, Australia. Winning all three races on his Felt Bicycles TK1 track bike puts him at the top of the Under 15 field in his home country."

That's right, at just 13 Graeme swept the field in the Australian U15 field. Now you would imagine Graeme would be a pretty hard person to get a hold of these days but despite all the excitement he was able to cut out a liitle time to chat with his uncle Greg. Greg was kind enough to share the conversation with all of us.

Here is the Spotlight interview from Greg for you to enjoy:

I had a fun time interviewing my nephew, Graeme Frislie this week for our spotlight interview. Graeme, with his parents Mike (My brother) and Shelly live in Southern Australia. They have lived there for about 5 years. Graeme is poised as one of the top under 15 year old cyclists in Australia.

Enjoy the read.


Greg: Graeme, how old are you?

Graeme: 13


Greg: What grade are you in?

Graeme: 7th, I will be in 8th grade in February.


Greg: What do you like best about living in Australia?

Graeme: All the different opportunities, especially to race my bike. Cycling is a well supported event here.


Greg: what is your favorite subject in school?

Graeme: Sport, you would call it PE in the states.


Greg: You have done an amazing job of advancing up the Australian ranks in the Junior Cycling World. How do you feel about your acomplishments?

Graeme: I feel good




Greg: What is your favorite cycling event to compete in?

Graeme: Track racing is my favorite. I go very fast and the races are quick.


Greg: What kind of training do you do to stay in the shape that you are in?

Graeme: I train on the Velodrome here in Melbourne twice a week and then have one night of physical training. I guess you could add the races I do on the weekends too.


Greg: You seem to do a bit of traveling with the team?

Graeme: Ya, we travel all over the country for both road racing and the track.


Greg: Do you prefer road racing over the track?

Graeme: No, I prefer the track although my favorite road race is a criterium. I road race primarily to stay in shape for the track racing season.


Greg: What kind of bike do you race with on the track?

Graeme: My FELT TK1 track bike. I feel fast on it, kind of like its part of me.


Greg: What are your racing goals for the year?

Graeme: I would like to win two Track Racing National Championships. Those would be the sprint and scratch races.


Greg: What will you need to do to accomplish that?

Graeme: Well, the current sprint record for U15 is 11.8 seconds and I am currently sitting at 12.73 seconds. This is less then a bike length away. I just have to keep trying for it.

Greg: Wow!


Graeme: Last weekend I raced in Sydney and did pretty good.

Greg: Pretty good?

Graeme: Well, I won all three races in Sydney at the National Junior Track Series. It was on the same track that they used when they held the Olympics here.


Greg: Congrats Graeme! What are your future goals?

Graeme: I would like to ride for the Aussie Team and travel the world.


Greg: That totally sounds doable at the rate you are going!

Graeme: I would also like to race the National Road Series.


Greg: Who is your favorite road cyclist?

Graeme: Jens Voigt

Greg: He rides a TREK!

Graeme: Yes, I know.


Greg: Favorite track cyclist?

Graeme: Chris Hoy


Greg: So I have to ask, what is your favorite bike shop in the world?

Graeme: Is this where I say Cycle Central, or the bike shop that sponsors me?

Greg: Hahaha



Graeme is currently ranked as one of the top Australian U15 cyclists. Keep and eye out for things to come. Olympic hopeful? We will see. His folks are letting him take his sport at the pace he desires. He seems to have the work ethic that it takes to go above and beyond the normal. I am including a few links below if you would like to keep up with his season. Go Graeme!

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