The Cycle Central Crew


Master Mind Behind

Cycle Central


Since age 12, Greg has been wired to run his own business.  His entrepreneurial heart is what makes life fun at Cycle Central.  Greg enjoys spending time with his family, playing Monopoly and Risk for world domination, visiting any place that has a beach, and thinking about new inventions and business opportunities....yeah...it never ends...it just never ends......



Gregorious Jr.



 This smart and amazing young lad is business savvy and goal oriented just like his dad.  The only real difference from his dad is that he can actually build and repair things.  That is definitely a quality he received from his ma.  Corbin enjoys riding his mountain bike and dirt jumper, building dirt jumps and trails, welding, snowboarding and eating any kind of ice-cream in front of his mom so she can stare awkwardly.  As you can see...the future of Cycle Central will be in good hands.

Sweet N Low

 Master Mind Behind




This little ball of fire is not only low to the ground but sweet spirited as well.  She loves people and taking time to encourage people in accomplishing their hopes and dreams. Carmen enjoys being married to and working with the infamous Gregorious, being mom of 2 amazing boys, riding her road bike (Pink Panther), playing roller derby and awkwardly watching people eat gluten and sugary items because she can't do such things.  


The Comic Relief 



 This sweet little face is the comic relief that keeps things rolling day after day.  His amazing energy and a joy for life brings smile upon smile to everyone who comes in contact with this little guy.  So, if you ever need a good laugh come see this guy!  Brennan loves kangaroos, his dog, mountain biking, hanging with his big brother, cracking jokes, random fart noises, watching The Office, and eating his body weight in watermelon, popcorn or root beer floats.  Yet again...the future of Cycle Central will be left in extremely good hands.


Ze Josh

 Mountain Bike



  Mountain bike specialist by day...Joe Dirt by night.  Josh is definitely the go to guy when wanting to learn about mountain bikes and local trails.  Especially because he came flying out of his mothers womb on a full suspension mountain bike.  Josh loves to ride his two bikes Helga and Gretta, but just not at the same time.  He's cool...but not that cool.

The Bike Doctor



eric pic.jpg

Cycle Central's Lead Mechanic Eric is awesome!  He strives to bring excellence and speedy service to all of our Cycle Central family members.  Eric enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, and Chex Mix.  He also loves long walks in the park with his super duper fluffy dog Enzo.