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Salsa Demo Day

Salsa Cycles and Cycle Central will be hosting a mountain bike demo June 18th from 2-7pm. Bikes at the event will be Ponyrustler, Deadwood, Redpoint, Woodsmoke, and the Cutthroat. Please call the shop to schedule an appointment. This event is free of charge and spaces are limited so reserve your spot today! We will also host our mountain bike group ride that night at Squilchuck. Questions? 888-BIKE (2453)

United as One

Cycle Central and EuroSports merge forces to impact our community in a greater way! We are super stoked to be able to represent Santa Cruz Bicycles in Wenatchee.  New bikes set to arrive in July.  Eric Redrup….welcome to the Cycle Central Family! Here's to new adventures.

Group Mt Bike Ride

Mt Bike Rides Have Begun

Group mountain bike rides are now on!  Join us every Monday Night* with your mountain bike and lights.  Link up with a riding level that is right for you.  Rides start roughly at 6:30 pm at various trail heads.  Come join the fun.

*weather permitting

Group Road Rides

Road Rides Have Begun

Group road rides are now in session!  Join us every Tuesday Night* with your road specific bicycle and find a riding level that's right for you.  Rides start promptly at 6:10 pm in front of Cycle Central.  No one is left behind so join the crew.

*weather permitting

Wenatchee Valley Composite Race Team

Wenatchee Valley Composite

WVC is Wenatchee Valley's very own youth race team that races in various parts of Washington State.  The 2018 race season began April 22nd with State Championships finished on June 3rd right here at Wenatchee's very own Squilchuck State Park! If  you are interested in registering to be a part of next years WVC race team or donate, click the link below. 

Race Schedule and More Information Here

Carsen P.

Carsen took 11th place at Squilchuck State Park on 6/1 in his division of JV Boys.  With three laps around the grueling uphill track his final time was 1:40:39. His over all standing for the 2018 race season was 5th place...not an easy feat for the bracket of young men he raced with.  Way to go Carsen!

Corbin F.

Corbin raced hard at Squilchuck State park on 6/1 making the hills look like they were flat.  With two laps around the course and a final time of 1:03:17 he secured two winning positions. Congratulations Corbin for taking 1st place as State Champion and for a 1st place over all standing in the Intermediate Boys Division.

Kyler B.

Kyler had a bit of a rough start on 6/1 at Squilchuck State Park.  He missed the line up and had to move from the front line to the back.  With two laps around the track he moved his way from the back to the front with his final time as 1:07:25.  Kyler took 4th place in State and had an overall standing of 3rd place.  Way to work against the odds Kyler!

Colby P.

Colby took 1st place on 6/1 at Squilchuck State Park in the Advance Middle School Boys.  With two laps of lightning speed around the track he finished with a time of 1:02:04.  This win got him the State Championship Jersey and allowed him to keep 1st place as over all leader.  Way to grind up those hills Colby!

Lita P.

Lita took 2nd place in State on 6/1 at Squilchuck State Park in the Beginner Girls division.  With one lap around the track her final time was 41:04. Lita raced hard in her first season and came out 2nd over all for her division.  Great effort Lita!

Ella G.

Ella G.

On 6/1 Ella took 1st place in State in her division at Squilchuck State Park. With three laps around the track she finished with a time of 1:12:06. This effort allowed her to place 1st over all for this season in JV Girls. Nicely done this season Ella!

Brennan F.

Brennan F.

At Squilchuck State Park on 6/1 Brennan finished in 9th in state for Advanced Middle School Boys with two laps around the course.  His time was 1:09:22.  His efforts earned him a placement of 9th for the season over all.  Nice pedaling this season Brennan!

Riley L.

Jade G.

Jade raced her heart out in the Beginners Girls division on 5/20 at Roslyn Round Up.  She finished with a time of 38:01.98 with one lap around the course recovering from a wicked crash on a bridge.  Way to never stop Jade!

Cole S.

On 5/20, Cole the wheelie king finished 13th for the Advanced Intermediate Boys.  With two laps round the track, his time was 1:02:53 at Roslyn Round Up.  Job well done Cole!

WVC Race Team

So Proud

We are so proud of the team for their outstanding efforts during Roslyn Round Up on 5/20.  The High School team placed 1st with 479 points.  The Junior High team placed 3rd with 463 points.  Job well done to all the racers!!

High School

High School

Final Standings

1st Place 

Inland NW Composite: 1940 Points

2nd Place

Wenatchee Valley Composite: 1899 Points

3rd Place

Bainbridge Island Composite: 1747 Points

Jr High

Junior High

Final Standings

1st Place

Inland NW Composite:  1866 Points

2nd Place

Wenatchee Valley Composite: 1862 Points

3rd Place 

Lake Washington Composite: 1861 Points

Your Favorite Place to Visit

Your Favorite Place to Visit!

Cycle Central is more than just any old bike shop.  It's a family and a safe haven for you to escape the daily's your favorite place to visit.  
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Art Skillz

Exciting News

Cycle Central has purchased Performance Footwear, located at 24 South Wenatchee Ave.  Ze Josh was so excited, he just had to express his emotions with his mad artistic skillz!  

Want to keep an eye on the changes?  Stop in the new store any time and feel free to like Cycle Central's Performance Footwear Facebook Page.