Our Crew



Master Mind Behind Cycle Central

Since age 12, Greg has been wired to run his own business.  His wild entrepreneurial heart is what makes life fun at Cycle Central.  His passion for bikes was really ignited in 2008 when his brother-n-law convinced him to sign up for a triathlon.  His joy on the bike is what helped motivate him to move from Spokane to Wenatchee to start this wonderful bike shop we all love and call home.  Greg enjoys spending time with his family, riding his bikes, playing Monopoly/Risk for world domination, visiting any place that has a beach, being sarcastic and thinking about new inventions and business opportunities....yeah...it never ends...it just never ends...it just goes on and on...

Sweat N Low

Sweet N' Low

Master Mind Behind Gregorious

This little ball of fire is not only very low to the ground but sweet spirited as well.  Carmen loves people and taking time to encourage people in accomplishing their hopes and dreams. She enjoys being married to and working with the infamous Gregorious, being mom of 2 amazing boys, riding her road bike (Pink Panther), playing roller derby and awkwardly watching people eat gluten and sugary items because she can't do such things.  If you ever walk into the shop and she is smelling someone's gluten filled sandwich...don't worry this is normal. 

Ze Josh

Ze Josh

Mountain Bike Specialist

Mountain  bike specialist by day...Joe Dirt by night.  Josh is definitely the go  to guy when wanting to learn about mountain bikes and our local trails.   Especially because he came flying out of his mothers womb on a full  suspension mountain bike.  Josh has been part of the Cycle Central team  since June, 2014 when he decided to park his FedEx truck for good to inspire the community to ride bikes. Josh loves to hang out with his two kids, eating Ritz bacon crackers and doughnuts in front of Carmen, and  riding his two bikes Helga and Gretta, but just not at the same time.  Ze Josh is cool...but not that cool.

Pint Size Pisces

Pint Size Pisces

Sweet Mamma Rochelle

The behind the scenes director at Cycle Central, is a spunky little  firecracker. Rochelle is the gal who manages all the day to day book  keeping, inventory, and shenanigans of the Cycle Central team members.  Her infectious laugh, organizational skills, and desire to make sure business is handled on the back end has kept things moving since 2014.   Rochelle loves her four children, helping others in need, scare crows,  Dutch Bros. Triple Stamp Tuesday, the color purple (the acutal color not the movie), and to claim that she is taller than Carmen...don't let her fool you...it's just the height of her shoes that gives you that  illusion.

Cycle Central Family

Maybe You?

This Could Be You

We are always looking for energetic personalities that love people to add to the Cycle Central family.  If you have an awesome work ethic, love people and are looking to work in a rad environment, this could be the place for you.  We have fun, work hard, play hard and live to impact this wonderful community.  Feel free to contact us or bring in your resume anytime!



Gregorious Jr.

This  smart and amazing young lad is business savvy and goal oriented just  like his dad.  The only real difference from his dad is that he can  actually build and repair things.  That is definitely a quality that he  received from his mother not his father.  Corbin enjoys riding his mountain bike and  dirt jumper, building dirt jumps and trails, welding, snowboarding,  playing the guitar, building guitars, hanging out with his cool little brother, going to youth group, and eating any kind of ice-cream or chocolate in front of his mom so she can stare awkwardly.  As you can see...the future of  Cycle Central will be in extremely good hands.



The Comic Relief

This sweet little face is the comic relief that keeps things rolling day  after day.  His amazing energy and a joy for life brings smile upon  smile to everyone who comes in contact with this little guy.  So, if you ever need a good laugh to brighten your day, come see this guy!  Brennan loves kangaroos, his dog Raven, mountain biking, hanging with his cool big brother, cracking jokes,  hanging with is friends, going to youth, playing guitar, playing  ukulele, a good random fart noise, watching The Office, and eating his body weight in watermelon, cutie oranges, popcorn or root beer floats.  Yet  again...the future of Cycle Central will be left in extremely good  hands.

Dan Da Man


Fire Fighter Photoshop Man

This  talented baby face was adopted by Gregorious and Carmen from day one!   Ryan came in to purchase himself a bicycle tube in 2015 and he walked out with a job.  Even though he went on to become a Fire Fighter and EMT, he  has stayed loyal to the family by providing his adopted mom with his  Photoshop expertise.  This brilliant and responsible young man loves his  family (real and of course adopted), his bikes, spray painting, business,  inventing, playing Catan, hanging with his friends, and playing with  fire...kids don't ever try being Ryan at home.  He is a trained professional to be himself.

Mail Man

The Mailman

Post Master McMaster

Be it sunshine, rain, snow or sleet this postman is always ready to deliver Cycle Central's mail with care, great safety, and sarcastic humor.  This postmaster spends his days off on the golf course yelling "FORE"...we just think he likes to yell at random people so golfing makes it more acceptable. If this guy were to ever win the lottery he would live out his life long dream of surrounding himself with small goats, alpacas, and other small animals. He may have a gruff exterior but he really is just all bark and no bite.


"If I had all the money in the world I would build a sanctuary for animals and tend to them." 

T. McMaster


The Ups Man

 Our Brown Box Mover

Box moving at its absolute finest right here folks.  John has been bringing us our bikes and accessories since before the doors of Cycle Central offically opened in April of 2013.  This brown shirted wonder always has a smile, always brings the proper amount of boxes and is ready to brave any sort of weather to get our customers items here safely.  

Dan Da Man

Local Chair Sitter

If you need a chair held down then Dan is Da Man!  Danny K. has been a part of the Cycle Central family since before it's inception.  Gregorius and Dan meet many moons ago when they racked their bikes next to each other at the local Chelan Man Triathlon in 2010.  It was a beautiful friendship at first sight.  Dan enjoys, sitting in chairs, randomly making celebrity appearances at the Cycle Central group road rides, cracking sarcastic jokes, helping Carmen with this website, talking really loudly while standing right next to you, and analyzing fine  art...but only if it's in Las Vegas.  That story shall never be told though, because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


The Flexible Guy

Gumby is the flexible guy who will bend over backwards because he loves to make your customer service experience over the top amazing!  He is absolutely a perfect fit into the Cycle Central customer service mold. The whole Cycle Central team strives to learn and challenge themselves to be able to give you their absolute best each and every time you walk through the doors.  He loves to help make Cycle Central your favorite place to visit.